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Lewisham. A Pupil Referral Unit.

Two friends – Desmond and Wiggy – are truanting their lessons. To distract themselves from their limited prospects post-education, they bring to life a series of daydreams, which range from the naïve and fantastical to the bleakly familiar.

When Wiggy tells Desmond of the sinister power of the sea to consume ‘rotters’ like themselves, Desmond must use his strategies of escapism to combat his fear of the upcoming school trip to Southend beach. In one afternoon, the boys’ friendship fluctuates chaotically amidst the tides of jealousy, fantasy, alienation and interdependence.

Desmond’s Scared of the Smoking Sea premieres at The Jack Studio Theatre and marks the first collaboration between award-winning writer Tommy Sissons and acclaimed actor Aoife Scott in her solo directorial debut.

“Only their skeletons wash up on the shore. That’s what happens to wrong’uns in the sea. The way you’re behaving, you’d better watch out, Desmond.”

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‘In a very short play, Sissons is eminently successful in conveying remarkable pathos’ ★★★★

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