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Founded in 2023 by Aoife Scott, Tommy Sissons and Hayley Calleia to champion working-class voices that challenge the status quo. 



Our mission is to create provocative, playful and innovative productions for a contemporary audience, whilst drawing upon the proud traditions of kitchen sink drama. In a creative landscape in which working-class stories are greatly under-represented, our company aims to shed light on the crucial narratives of marginalised communities in 21st-century Britain. Our aim is to tell stories that serve as a powerful catalyst for positive social change, that challenge the status quo and that ignite meaningful conversations. 

"Desmond’s Scared of the Smoking Sea, is an example of first-class theatre focused on working-class, lived experience in Britain today... This production is the product of a team intimately familiar with the subject matter. The result is dense, quick, funny dialogue and rounded characters with complicated inner worlds."

- London Pub Theatre's review by Natalie MacKinnon 

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